Reinventing the slipper

downtime. redesigned

we are the place you go when you want to switch off. when you’ve stopped trying to change the world. when you’ve put your feet up.

pride in innovation

we pride ourselves on innovation. searching for perfection in the everyday. we have a strong belief that it can be the smallest, most trivial of details, that can alter a mundane experience into a treasured one.

steeped in heritage

a deep respect for heritage and a love for the new. our design sensibilities derive from a universal aesthetic, steeped in heritage. when you use our products, you experience something timeless.

beauty in simplicity

all our products are simple, functional, but strive for a simple universal aesthetic. endless reduction till we find something that no longer needs the complexity of explanation.

timeless freedom

more than anything we stand for the importance of turning down. whilst other may strive for achievement, our products help you, be you, when everything else is removed.

simplicity. functionality. beauty.

we’re on a singular quest to create simple products that help you relax


In the dawn, when the fairies are out and dancing in the twilight mist, the dew drops are glittering in the first light of the new starting day, enchanting things are happening... Don't get caught in the middle of it, you won't be able to escape.